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"When you activate the thumbnail mode in windows exploler, image files will appear in a mini size and can be seen inside. But unfortunately, only a few formats that can be displayed, such as JPG and BMP. In addition, only the icon image files are visible to you. How to display an image file format files such as PCX, PSD, or PNG? "
TIPS. Windows XP was only able to display some file formats just in this thumbnail mode. This is different with window vista who already supports many files in thumbnailnya mode. With Windows XP situation like that, you first do not be discouraged because with a small program, you can display other image formats in thumbnail mode in windows exploler.
To do this, you need the program "thumbview". This file can be found in address. Go to the download section and download the file first thumbview. Then install the file to your windows. If you have to continue with the download data to support several image file formats. There are many formatting options that you can do for the application to the thumbview.

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