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"When you activate the thumbnail mode in windows exploler, image files will appear in a mini size and can be seen inside. But unfortunately, only a few formats that can be displayed, such as JPG and BMP. In addition, only the icon image files are visible to you. How to display an image file format files such as PCX, PSD, or PNG? "
TIPS. Windows XP was only able to display some file formats just in this thumbnail mode. This is different with window vista who already supports many files in thumbnailnya mode. With Windows XP situation like that, you first do not be discouraged because with a small program, you can display other image formats in thumbnail mode in windows exploler.
To do this, you need the program "thumbview". This file can be found in address. Go to the download section and download the file first thumbview. Then install the file to your windows. If you have to continue with the download data to support several image file formats. There are many formatting options that you can do for the application to the thumbview.


Windows Server 2008 has been officially amid our present as the next generation of the previous edition of windows server. The presence of windows in 2008 with several new features and roles quite revolutionary as virtualization, server consolidation and remote applications as a powerful magnet to quickly make windows 2008 server as a server operating system.
As usual, windows server 2008 is also designed with attention to factors compatibility with applications will run on it. But the 64-bit eddisi there are some fundamental changes associated with architecture design, processing, thread and a new design of the TCP / IP. Microsoft make every effort to create an operating system the most effective, efficient and powerful. But the mission was nearly impossible when relying on the x86 architecture, therefore the operating system development is focused on the x64 architecture. Windows Server 2008 will be the last operating system that is also available in 32-bit edition.
One of the server application specifically designed to run optimally on the windows server 2008 exchange server is 2007 SP1. Since its launch a year ago, exchange 2007 many new features memebrikan very useful in several aspects such as business, government, education, and among the military.
Exchange Server 2007 is also divided into five main roles of hub transport, edge transport, client acces, mailboxes and unified messaging. The division of roles based on are also useful for users more flexibility in determining the appropriate design and in accordance with needs.

FEATURES Windows Azure

Windows Azure offers yng four important features can be enjoyed by its users, these features are:
> Powerful hosing service management
> Automated management servce
> Sclabale cloud storage
> Familiar developer experience
Windows Azure is an application-hosting tool that is very powerful and tough for you in a cloud membngun aplkasi in envirovment. Unlike ordinary build applications that require only a single server as application hosting sara, azure window offers many interconnected servers so you do not have to worry about performance problems or lack of space for your applications stoge. Every process in the windows azure is the process by ddukung virtualization hypervisor is very efficient. Of course hypervisor is optimized for the cloud environment using the latest hardware support.
regulate many applications disebuah complex environment is a challenge. As an example of how you upgrade an application to have your hosting without the need to lower or turn off the performance of your application first.